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Are Pacific Tycoon Container Investments a Good Alternative?

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To be truthful, before coming across this question, I knew very little about Pacific Tycoon or even shipping containers for that matter. Nevertheless, my research was able to uncover some helpful first-hand information about the company’s offerings, and more clearly understand the advantages of investing in shipping containers. Much of the information I collected and analyzed was gleamed from the individual accounts given by the investors, who openly shared their experience investing with Pacific Tycoon.

The most challenging part of addressing this question, is that it has two parts: 1) Pacific Tycoon and 2) shipping container investments. Because of this, I thought it necessary to provide a brief opinion piece on both.

Pacific Tycoon

The company is based in Hong Kong, which as far as I can tell is historically a bustling shipping center that is continuing to demonstrate strong growth and makes significant contributions to the region’s economy. As well, according to Pacific Tycoon’s spokesperson, the Asian region is a wise investment; given the economic prosperity it has experienced in recent years.

Much of the content I was able to find on the container leasing company spanned more than 5 years and was comprised of investor reviews and testimonial videos, as well as Pacific Tycoon’s blog posts and (questionable) forum and community posts. In that extensive time-period, I could find no substantive complaints, challenges or warnings issued by a recognized legal body, from anywhere in the world. Not even a small complaint from an unhappy customer.

In my mind, I think that because there are so many people questioning the company, it has caused many investors to unnecessarily discount this investment opportunity. Given that there is not a single person who has come forward (in the last 5 years) and said they were ripped-off by Pacific Tycoon, has me wondering: why are some investors so skeptical?

Shipping Container Investments

With regards to this question, the shadow of doubt was cast more on Pacific Tycoon than the container shipping industry itself. It seems some investors are wondering if Pacific Tycoon is a scam or not, as opposed to questioning the whole notion of shipping containers as an investment. That said, the international container shipping industry is experiencing momentous growth and mirrored investment. This is evident in the rise in the demand for shipping services across the globe, as well as investing in Triple-E ships, infrastructure and shipping container port investments.

A very exciting benefit of this investment opportunity, is the fact that shipping containers are an income producing asset. According to the company’s website, any investor who makes an investment in 5 or more containers, will receive a monthly return on their investment. This would be ideal for investors looking to supplement a fixed income, like a pension or retirement.

When it comes right down to it, global economic growth is supported by the worldwide shipping industry, and vice-versa. So long as the demand for consumer goods continues to rise, the shipping industry will continue to invest in its own growth, in an effort to accommodate the increasing need. When I stop to consider Pacific Tycoon’s current economic outlook, this reoccurring cycle seems to be an ideal long-term investment.

Final Thoughts About Pacific Tycoon and Shipping Containers

You would think that with so many investors seeking the truth about Pacific Tycoon, that at least one (of us) would have uncovered a speckle of proof that could support all this doubt surrounding the company. Because of the lack of definitive proof to the contrary, I would have to say that like those before me who have tried to set the record straight about Pacific Tycoon, I will follow the popular opinion and agree that Pacific Tycoon is a good alternative.