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Is Pacific Tycoon Container Investments A Scam? Let’s Review

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Since my original post on Pacific Tycoon I have been asked time and again for more information on the company’s reputation in the industry, as well as details of the return performance of their offerings.

To learn more about Pacific Tycoon and get answers to the questions my readers are asking, I reached out to Tobias Moros – the company’s digital communications manager.

To provide Tobias with an opportunity to get the Pacific Tycoon sales pitch for investing in containers out of the way early, so we could focus on my more challenging questions, I began my interview with …

What does Pacific Tycoon offer investors that they cannot get from any other investment or business offering?

Investing in shipping containers is an investment in world trade. As an important part of the global supply chain, shipping containers are needed to support immediate and future economic growth.

If countries and regions are to be successful in increasing their GDP, they must encourage a dependable flow of cargo through their container terminals and shipping ports. This cannot be accomplished without a consistent supply of shipping containers.

As an active participant in the maritime shipping industry, Pacific Tycoon recognizes opportunities in established and developing markets and does its part to meet the growing demands of its shipping clients in these regions. In doing so, the company is able to deliver great returns to partners while making meaningful contributions to the world economy.

How have the struggles in the container shipping industry affected Pacific Tycoon’s business model, and has it influenced the returns the company delivers to investors?

I am certain that there is no one who will argue that the last couple of years haven’t been challenging for leading container shipping lines and container leasing companies too. But, even during this tumultuous time, the leading logistics and shipping companies have maintained their profitability by cutting costs and making wise investments that support their continued growth and prosperity.

A big contributor to the industry’s long-term success has been the establishment of partnerships throughout the industry. These alliances have provided cost-savings and innovation that are translating into profits for container shippers, and a delivering great returns for investors.

Our long-term partnerships with shipping lines and logistics leaders have provided a constant demand for our container resources. In my mind, this is one of the greatest advantages of investing in shipping containers with Pacific Tycoon.

Also, if I could add one more thing; the low freight rates that have struck the industry are not the same as the costs associated with leasing a shipping container. Freight rates charged by container shipping lines are not the same as the lease rates charged by container leasing companies, and therefore do not influence the returns earned by shipping container investors.

Certainly you are aware that some people have expressed concern that Pacific Tycoon is a scam; how would you respond to their claims?

There are many people who have shared their past and present experience investing with Pacific Tycoon, and – to my knowledge in the five years experience I have with the company – the feedback has all been positive.

I am aware that their are negative posts on the Internet about Pacific Tycoon. I can assure you that there is no substance to any of them. I have followed up with each of those (that would respond to me) and they amounted to nothing more than unsubstantiated claims from Pacific Tycoon’s competitors and nay-sayers.

opinion plato quote

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. – Plato

Certainly you would have to admit that in this digital age, if a single investor had lost money with Pacific Tycoon, the world would know about it in an instant. Let’s face it; as much as people like to read a good “story”, they love talking about a bad one even more.

What is your 10 year outlook for the container shipping industry and Pacific Tycoon?

There is no denying that since the global financial crisis erupted in 2008-2009, the international container shipping industry has been confronted by a number of challenges. That is old news.

There is an old Greek saying from Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher of the 4th century BC; he said “There is nothing permanent except change.”

there is nothing permanent except change heraclitus quote

From my experience, the best strategy to encourage change and overcome these challenges has been investment; particularly in areas that increase efficiency and improve performance. From shipping port and infrastructure investment to investing in triple-e container ships, the industry has invested trillions of dollars in the pursuit of better performance.

In the past few years, Pacific Tycoon has followed the initiatives of the industry’s leaders and intently focused on two things: developing and maintaining long-term partnerships, and improving operational efficiency. Because Pacific Tycoon has embraced the industry’s evolution and shares the vision, the company’s partners can expect favorable returns over the next decade and beyond.


These questions were emailed to Tobias Moros and he responded with the urls included in the text. The links found in this interview in no way constitute an endorsement from me.