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Best Places For Investors to Find Investing Opportunities

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In today’s volatile and uncertain markets, investors are seeking alternatives to risky investments like stocks and bonds. The challenge for many though is identifying investments outside of the traditional asset classes. Investors want to know, “where do I look to find new opportunities to invest in?

An investor’s search should include only credible resources, like recognized news outlets, business and finance magazines, and investor reviews. These will provide valuable insight into which industries are performing well, and identify the investing opportunities that have recently presented themselves. Although it takes hours of investment research and reading, this approach will uncover new and exciting options.


Google News is an excellent source of the world’s most current investing information. A topic search by country can provide geographically-specific insight about markets and industries, and uncover hidden opportunities for investment. This will help investors understand immediate economic and political factors that could influence the performance of any new investments. Likewise, it provides an outlook that can expose markets with potential for investment in the future.

Industry Publications

Online or traditional publications that are well-established, like Forbes and The Street, help investors by offering an easier-to-consume interpretation of industry data. As well, these resources often contain opinion pieces written by recognized experts who are eager to share their investment knowledge and investing experience. Much of the information communicated in the leading industry publications is intended convey a message the amateur investor can more easily understand. This helps investors make educated decisions about which new investing opportunities are available to them, and which ones to pursue.


Although industry publications do share some opinions, the harshest critics and the strongest advocates can be found in online resources. Investors who share their opinion and experience on blog posts and in internet forums are often the most candid. The investment reviews they provide are straightforward and offer a deeper insight that cannot be found in a press release or a sugar-coated magazine article. Also, many of the investors leaving reviews are approachable and eager to answer additional questions.


Whether they be news articles, blog posts, or investment reviews, there are many valuable resources to not only uncover new investments, but to also educate the investment community as to why they are a viable alternative to traditional investments. Investors would be wise to use the investment advice they are given to build a well-constructed portfolio, that balances a collection of new investments alongside carefully chosen traditional investments.