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Investor Review of Davenport Laroche Alternative Investments

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While researching my alternative investment options I came across an article about Davenport Laroche and options for investing in real estate. The author wrote very fondly of the experience she had with the company’s adviser, and seemed genuinely upbeat about the opportunities. Although somewhat of an investment review, the testimonial fell short of being a full endorsement.

With very little investor generated information about Davenport Laroche to be found in search engine results, I set-out to document as much insight as I could about the company; in hopes of helping other investors in the future.


According to the company’s website, their offices are located in Hong Kong; more specifically the Kwun Tong district, situated at the eastern part of the Kowloon Peninsula.

In the 1950s, the Kwun Tong district became one of the region’s key industrial villages. With the community’s continued growth and prosperity, Kwun Tong became formally known as “Hong Kong’s city-within-a-city.”

In the past, Kwun Tong was an old town where you were surrounded by factory buildings and most of the people you could meet here were blue-collar workers. Now the area has been revitalized and Kwun Tong has completely changed. I like the new face of Kwun Tong which is full of energy with young people, new office buildings and commercial centers. – Ben Lau, 30 year Kwun Tong resident and entrepreneur

Investment Offerings

Davenport Laroche offers a handful of alternative investment opportunities, primarily focused on hard assets like investing in gemstones, precious metals, shipping containers, and real estate investments.

Gemstone Investments:

Because of their ability to retain their value regardless of economic conditions, precious gems have become an increasingly attractive investment, especially in times when interest rates are low and the stock market is declining.

Precious Metals:

Gold is a popular metal and attracts most of the investment community’s attention, but it isn’t the only precious metal available for investment. There are three other major investment metals:

  1. platinum,
  2. palladium, and
  3. silver.

All have risen in price over the past several years as demand has increased around the globe.

Shipping Container Investing:

Shipping containers are a hard asset that works day after day to generate revenues for investors. There are several advantages to investing in shipping containers, including an ever-increasing worldwide demand for shipping services to accommodate global trade and economic development.

Real Estate Investments:

A real estate investment group is much like a mutual fund for rental properties, and are ideal for investors who want to own rental properties, but do not want the hassle of being a landlord. In this case, an investment company will buy or build a set of apartment building or condominiums, and then allow investors to buy them individually and thereby become part of the investment group.


I think it is incredibly important to be open and accessible and treat people fairly … – Bob Iger

Finding alternate ways to contact Davenport Laroche was very easy. A simple Google search uncovered a wealth of online profiles and social media pages. Their telephone number was clearly displayed on their website’s Home page.

Aside from the Davenport Laroche website – which clearly displays their phone number – and blog about investing in alternative investments, the company maintains an active Davenport Laroche Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Google+ page.

Each of Davenport Laroche’s social media accounts shares articles and information related to their investment offerings. I would guess that this serves well to educate existing and potential investors about immediate market performance and current investment opportunities.

The Phone Call to Davenport Laroche.

The gentleman who answered my telephone call was very polite and eager to answer my initial questions. As you can imagine, his information was succinct and made each opportunity for investing seem better than any I had heard before. Expected.

Understand that I am a very cautious investor, and I certainly was not prepared to invest at that moment. Not because of anything I had (or had not) heard, but simply because I prefer to be well-educated before making a financial commitment. That said, the representative from Davenport Laroche was very understanding, cordial and offered an information package and (of course) his help in the future. No pressure to invest … so far.

Based on the preliminary information I received from the company’s representative, I am currently giving Davenport Laroche’s offers some consideration. I will keep you updated.