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Is Davenport Laroche And TraditionalInvest The Same Company?

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It has been brought to my attention that comments made by Alexis Assadi are creating some confusion for investment-seekers who are considering a container investment with either Davenport Laroche or TraditionalInvest. Mr. Assadi has theorized that they are the same company, however he offered no real evidence to substantiate his claim. At the request of some members of the investment community, I will review Alexis Assadi’s assertion and search for definitive proof … or lack thereof.

Alexis Assadi

Novice investors rely heavily upon the guidance, comments, and reviews of financial advisers and/or money managers – like Alexis Assadi – to help them choose their investments. This has the potential to be extremely risky, given the fact that most these professionals are motivated by creating their own wealth and selling their own offerings and opportunities for investment. In this instance, Alexis Assadi is the author of Rich at 26 and the manager of his own investment fund.


There are unmistakable parallels between the two companies. Both Davenport Laroche and TraditionalInvest have an office that is located in Hong Kong – a shipping mecca, and the both operate in the shipping container leasing sector. That is the extent of the similarities I could find. If Alexis Assadi is suggesting that this is definitive proof of a plan to fool investors, it is my opinion that he is acting presumptuously.


The differences were just as they would be with any other company in the container leasing sector, whether it be Textainer, Davenport Laroche, or otherwise. Each has a unique company corporation number, the Directors of the company are different, telephone and address are different … for all intents and purposes they are clearly two different entities.

Final Thoughts

I have spent many hours researching both Davenport Laroche and TraditionalInvest and I have been unable to identify anything that would lead me to believe that they are the same company. On the hand, my review of Alexis Assadi uncovered a young man hungry for attention and success at any cost.

It would seem that Alexis Assadi targets popular investment offerings and uses aggressive strategies to dissuade investment-seekers from investing with others, so that they can instead choose his options and services; or at the very least buy his book.

In my opinion, Alexis Assadi’s assertion that Davenport Laroche and TraditionalInvest are the same company is false. I saw no definitive proof or concrete evidence to support this argument.